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I edit your closet, You  love your style

Aren't you sick of the excuses? 


You know what I'm talking about. The ones you have been saying for years now...

"I don't have any time", 

"I never have anything to wear?!"


"That doesn't fit"

Your closet is filled with clothes but none of it gets worn.

Instead, you reach for that same jeans and t-shirt combo you've been rocking for years. It makes you feel comfortable but no where near confident.

You’re afraid to commit to a style and, honestly, you don’t feel like you have any. Plus you don't know where to start.


what if you had an experienced stylist to guide you step-by-step?


What if your clothes made you feel like you could do anything, rather than making you want to hide?

It’s possible. I can show you how.

You don’t have to buy better designers, waste money on style boxes, or spend hours copying outfits you saw on your favorite celebrity.

You just need some tough love when it comes to shopping and organizing your closet so your unique style can shine through effortlessly.


closet therapy is a unique in-home closet editing and styling service.

Here’s How it Works


Step 1: Before the Appointment

Take a quick style questionnaire so I can get to know you and your preferences ahead of time, maximizing our time together.


Step 2: During the appointment


First, we will go through all of your clothes and accessories. We'll decide what to keep, store, resell, or donate (and I promise it won't be scary).

I will then rearrange everything in your closet in the way that makes the most sense for your life and style.



Throughout the process, we will find pieces that no longer fit your style or life needs. I will guide you on how to best remove these pieces from your closet. 

I can offer advice on where to resell them via the best local consignment stores, online resellers and/or donations with companies/brands I have worked with and trust.

For the pieces that need repairs or tailoring, I can help you find the best local place.

By the end of our appointment, you will have an exact plan of action for every piece in your closet. 



Once everything is edited, we will go through new outfit options and styling ideas using the pieces you already own.   


Step 3: After the Appointment

I will send you an email with links to items that can upgrade your style based on what we talked about.

Now that everything is perfectly organized and edited, I will be available to come back for follow-ups including:

  • Styling sessions
    • Creating more outfit ideas using the pieces you already have
  • Closet touch-ups
    • A mini version of the original closet therapy appointment
  • Personal shopping
  • Special event styling
  • Packing for upcoming trips

You can book by emailing me at


I'm your stylist, jodi.

For 7 out of my 12 years in the fashion industry, I was an editor at ELLE Magazine. Then, I made a big leap. I left my dream job in NYC. While my previous career seemed like it was straight out of a movie, good and bad, something else was calling to me. 

I needed to show women personal style has nothing to do with owning the right designer handbag or wearing a size 2.

By taking my passion and experience from the fashion industry, I show women that personal style isn’t simply something you buy. It’s something you uncover because you already have it.

If you're like me, you've spent almost your whole life thinking you could be happy if you just had more money or more clothes. I'm here to show you that you don’t need either. You simply need a little guidance (part stylist, part life-coach) and a lot of love.


Is closet therapy for you?


Do you dread getting dressed in the morning?

After you do get dressed, do you wish you didn’t have to?

Are you sick of wasting time shopping and feeling bad and confused in your own closet?

Are you wasting money on trends because Instagram made them look good?

Do you know, deep down, owning more stuff isn’t going to make you happy?

Are you ready for a truly different experience tailored to your unique style?

Do you want to feel confident and powerful?

Do you want to stop worrying about clothes and focus on what really matters to you?

If you answered YES, thEn Closet therapy could be exActly what you need.


Don't simply take it from me. check out what past
clients have to say


I've gushed to my husband and friends about Closet Therapy - and all my previous experiences with Jodi. I really enjoyed everything about this! Looking forward to ditching my workout clothes.

Melissa Del Villar


Jodi Belden is the best stylist ever! She brings my spirit and personality to life through every outfit.

Gabrielle Bernstein
Author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Universe Has Your Back

I was worried, but Closet Therapy is a super easy styling service that has helped me refresh my closet and get a different perspective about my unique style.

Amy Lowery
Marriage and Family Therapist


one-on-one personal styling

for ONly $397


frequently asked questions


Can I talk to you before I book my appointment?

Yes! You can book a 15-minute discovery call with me HERE if you have questions about the process and want to see if it's right for you.


I have never worked with a stylist before. how does this work?

My method for styling is different. I focusing on how we feel about our clothes as much as how we wear our clothes. You will be getting a unique mix of life-coach and personal stylist. I like to call this style coaching. I focus on the barriers blocking you from having the style you want. I take into account the life you live and the resources you have.

How long does the whole service take?

Closet Therapy appointments last 3 hours. 


What is the cancellation policy?

If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, please email If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the start time you, will be charged the full amount.


What geographic areas do you service?

I currently service Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties. If you currently live outside these areas and are interested in my services, please email me at and I will get back to you.


What are the hours of operation?

Closet Therapy appointments are scheduled Tuesday-Saturday 10AM-6PM. I do my best to accommodate special requests. 


How can I refer my friends?

I really appreciate referrals! If you know someone who would benefit from Closet Therapy you can send them to this website ( or give them my email address,

As a thank you for referring a friend, I will give you $50 OFF your next appointment.  

For any questions I didn't answer above, please email me at I want to make this an easy decision for you.


Love your style...finally.
Book some closet therapy now.